[How To] Enable NFC Payments Via iPhone 4, Without NFC Chips

iPhone 4 NFC

Now here’s a spice to add to your Apple iPhone 4. Till todate, Nexus S were the only handset’s offered with built-in NFC chips which forwarded NFC Payments. But now, we roll in an easy hack which lets anyone enable NFC Payments on an iPhone 4. Just tap your smartphone over the fancy credit card terminals and get this job done. Look for your bank as the provider of smaller credit cards with NFC chips and that could be added to your iPhone 4 seamlessly.

Android users, which comes with built in NFC feature, more specifically the Nexus S,  have the ability to make credit card transactions simply by tapping their phone on a credit card terminal. This mode of payment is usually used to make smaller purchases, more like under $20 and don’t require a pin or signature and obviously making fast and convenient payments. Since this type of feature comes built-in with the Nexus S, you can easily swap your device and use it as a payment service.

However on the other hand, iPhone users can do the same by simply adding a single credit card and enter the world of NFC.

All you need to have is a bank which provides smaller NFC type cards which you can easily add to your iPhone 4 without changing any appearance as currently the iPhone’s don’t offer the NFC feature. Add or integrate this to your iPhone by just removing the glass at the back of the iPhone 4.

Once the cover is off, place the credit card behind the battery and VOILA, you are good to go. A perfect demonstration was shown by unplggd in order to make your iPhone 4, NFC compliant.

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