How to Enjoy the Last Few Days of Summer With iPhone Apps


 Grilling Summer

Summer is winding down, but that’s no reason you can’t try to enjoy those last few days. If you’re a teacher or a student, it’s time to enjoy that last week before school starts. Maybe you want to squeeze in that last-minute trip. Perhaps you want to lie back and read or do some outdoor grilling or make some cocktails. Let’s see some of the available apps for those end of summer days.

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Theme Park and Water Park Locator

Maybe you have just enough time for that summer trip. It’s the last week of summer, but if you can find a fun water park or amusement park nearby, maybe you can hop in the car with the kids and enjoy one of those last few days of summer. The app is $2.99.



TripAdvisor is an app that lets you check out travel reviews, check hotels, restaurants, attractions, flights and more. Again, it’s late in the summer, and it may be difficult to plan a trip, but it’s always possible to take a few days to fly out and do something special.



This app costs just 99 cents, but it’s loaded with recipes and guides for awesome grilling. What’s more, they add a new recipe each week for free. Even if only a few days of summer remain, it’s worth enjoying some awesome burgers and steak out in the back yard.


Pocket Cocktails

Maybe you just need to have a drink and relax. Hang out with friends, make a few cocktails and watch the days pass. There is nothing wrong with that. Perhaps you’re already summered out and you just need some chill time. Enjoy a drink.



Who says you have to go out or even have a drink? Why not just lie back and read. The Kindle app by Amazon is perfect for that. Amazon has a huge selection of books, and each can be downloaded to various devices.


Enjoy it.

Make the best of the remaining days of your summer vacation. They go by fast. Relax or go outside, and use some of these apps to help you make the most of that time. Fire up the grill, grab a drink or a good book, kick your feet up and enjoy the last week of summer.

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