How to Find Cheap Gas With iPhone Apps

Gas Pump

Traveling can be fun. The open road. Cruising along with your favorite music and a few good buddies. Driving to work or out of town gives you time to think and reflect on stuff. It’s all nice.

Oh, yeah. Them there’s the gas prices. That’s the crappy part of traveling. Oh course if you don’t gas up, you’re not getting very far. What you can do is see where the cheapest prices are in your area.

There are several apps for that, and for your convenience we’ve put a list together. Hit the jump to check it out.


Gas Buddy

This free app is one of our current favorites. It’s and easy way to find cheap gas on the go. We appreciate the simple interface, which means it’s easier for use when we have to quickly find gas but don’t like to be distracted by our phone while trying to drive. It simply finds gas near you, and lists it based on distance and price. It’s nice because it’s updated very often.




Where is a good travel app. Period. It tells you where nearby locations (eateries, entertainment, etc) are. Of course it also lists nearby gas prices, but it’s nice to have all the extra stuff. If you need an all-around good iPhone app for cheap gas prices and an overall good travel companion, this is for you. The best part is that it’s free.


Gas Book

This one costs a bit. 99 cents, which isn’t too much, but we’re used to seeing these sorts of apps be available for free. What’s so special about this one? It has a few additional features that some may find useful. Aside from the standard search for gas prices, it offers a fuel log and bookmarking. You can keep a list of places you’ve been and it can keep track of your statistics to help you figure out your fuel efficiency, etc.


Bonus: Save Gas With Your iPhone

Planning a good route is also essential for saving gas, therefore saving money spent on gas. We thought it would be worth mentioning some of our favorite navigation apps as well.



Traveling the US or Canada and need some directions? CoPilot is our favorite GPS tracking app. It works just like your other GPS devices (which are slowly being phased out by smartphone navigation). The readout is easy and it offers nice turn-by-turn directions with a pleasant voice to let you know which way to go.



Navigation offers the turn-by-turn directions as well as many of the other essential features. We like the fact that it has live traffic flow. This one is like the apps above in that it also has a gas price finder, which is wonderful for the traveler or commuting worker. It’s 99 cents to purchase, which will get you 30 days of use. After that, you are looking to pay a monthly or yearly price depending how you prefer to make your payments.


Traveling or Not, We Love to Save Gas

Whether you are traveling for a family vacation, or just making the daily commute to work, it’s nice to save money on gas. Gas is expensive, and people need to get around. If we can help ourselves save a few cents a gallon, it all makes a difference in the end, especially for those who travel daily.

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