How to Find the User Library Folder in OS X Lion

Library Folder Icon

Mac OS X Lion hides the Library folder. It’s not something we like personally, but perhaps it’s part of making the experience easier for the casual users. After all, people like my Mom probably never venture that far into the computer and its many directories and sub-folders. Those of us who do so regularly, are probably the same ones who will do a Google search for “Where is user library in Mac OS X Lion” or something to that effect.


Here are several ways to access it. Here are the easiest ones:

The First is a permanent solution. It will ensure that OS X Lion always shows the Library folder:

You can change that by going to your Terminal: Applications/Utilities/Terminal

Type in the following command:

chflags no hidden ~/Library/


The second is just for users who need it on occasion. It’s fast and easy:

Simply open a new finder window and search Library. It will show up under “Folders” as shown below.

Library OS X Lion

The third is to simply hold the Option key under ‘Go’ in the finder menu. As shown below:

OS X Lion Library Go

Any of those methods should do you fine for getting to the Library in OS X.

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