[How To] Install iPad Apps On An iPhone

itelepad2podWhereas there is surely no need but for those looking forward to install iPad apps to run over your iPhone or iPod Touch, a clever little guy has designed an app called iTelePad2Pod, which makes the magic happen. One thing to note, for those looking forward to make this possible, a jailbroken device is a necessity.

One of the biggest advantage of this hack is the ability to transfer your purchased iPad apps on to your iPhone via SSH. Special thanks to iSmooth Project folks from iJailbreakNow, for making this possible for iPhone or iPod Touch users.

To make things work, you need to install an app called iTelePad2Pod on your Mac to alter a few things. After working on the metadata, the modified app is then sent to your iPhone or iPod Touch using FTP across OpenSSH.

Follow the steps below, courtesy of Modmyi:

1. Download the app iTelePad2Pod [here]

2. Unzip iTelePad2Pod.zip

3. Move the iTelePad2Pod folder to the /Applications Folder on your Mac.

4. Go to the moved iTelePad2Pod folder (/Applications/iTelePad2Pod) and open the iTelePad2Pod application.(/Applications/iTelePad2Pod/iTelePad2Pod.app)

5. Follow instructions in the app.

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