[How To] Limit Spotlight Searches On iPad

My friends usually term me as a ‘messy guy’. For the love of apps and discovering new things, my smartphone, tablet and my notebook are usually full on the screen. Even though its been quite sometime since I bought my iPad, my buddies are always seen glued to my tablet whenever they are at my place. On the first look, you would find my mean machine to be full of apps and other stuff, troubling others on finding stuff.

Apple‘s Spotlight search tool is one of the most terrific way on finding things on your iPad, especially if someone is as messy as me.

When you want to find something in your iPad and you want to find it fast and easy, do it with the Spotlight Search capability. Simply go to the search page and type which delivers best results in a super fast mode. Apart from iPad functions such as notes, calendars, etc., the Spotlight search is also made available on various iPad apps.

Whereas, when things become as messy as my tablet. You need to adopt a few steps to limit spotlight searches. Below, we bring you an easy tutorial which defines on ways to limit your  spotlight searches on iPad.

Step 1:

On your iPad main screen, tap on the Settings menu:
Step 2:

While inside the “Settings” menu. Click “General” -> “Spotlight Search”.

Step 3:

Inside the Spotlight Search menu, you would be able to view various apps which are being included in the search.

Step 4:

You can select or de-select various apps which you like to include the search or not.

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