How to Make a Mac OS X Lion Boot Disc on the Cheap

Lion Recovery Disc
Apple recently started selling their Lion USB install drive. The little USB stick looks cool, but runs you about $70. That’s quite a markup from the $30 users pay for Mac OS X Lion on the Mac App Store. It’s $40. Yeah, not exactly for the budget shopper.
Luckily, someone has released the Lion DiskMaker. This tool lets users create a bootable USB drive or DVD out of their current Lion install. You simply download and run the application, it does the rest. The procedure is simple. It finds the Lion install, and asks you if you want to create an install disc.
boot disc lion
They warn that it will completely erase the drive you are installing on, so if you have a 4GB USB stick (minimal). Keep that in mind when doing this, so make sure that if you are using a drive with anything important on it to back things up.
It’s also worth knowing that you won’t be able to use this if your computer came with Lion pre-intalled–you will have to use the recovery disc.
You can download it here
Editor’s note: We tried it with “Burn a DVD” option.   After short process we used created DVD to install Lion in different partition, DVD worked as expected.

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