[How To] Manually Force Quit Apps On iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

Whether you are working on a PC, Mac or any other operating system, usually users bump into a situation when the OS slows down due to multiple reasons. One of the usual being, a number of applications running at the back end without your knowledge.
Today, at iSmasphone.com we’ll be showing our readers on how and what to do in such kind of situations by showering you with a simple tutorial in order to let you know on how to force quit applications on your iOS device.

For a start, we would want you to check on your operating system version as this only works on the newer version being the iOS 4 (of course, until the release of iOS 5) with multi-tasking enabled.

Whereas, the app quitting feature can also be done via the software method, we would want our readers to adopt the easier way out, being the, manual method.

Step 1:

Below is just the usual screen of your iPad and while trying to get the best results out of your iPad, sometimes you might notice a small freeze or a slow down:

Step 2: In order to quit a single or multiple apps you need to open the task switcher by hitting the “home” button twice.

Step 3: After completing the above step, your iPad screen would look something like this:

The main screen would fade out and small tab type task switcher would pop up, displaying the number of apps currently working at the back end and obviously eating the quality processing you require.

Step 4: Hold down on any app for a few seconds until it starts jiggling, something as below:

Step 5: A red “” sign would appear on each of the app as shown above at the corner of each app icon. Now all you need to do is press it and it would start quitting all those apps you want not to be operating at your back end.

Here you go. I successfully quit all the apps which were eating my iDevice’s processing ability and in return slowing down my system. If you do the same, your iPad screen would look something as above.

To finish or return to your home screen, you can either click the home button or just tap the screen anywhere and the task switcher would close.

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