How to Protect Your Children From Dirty Electricity

Tim Burton David Wolfe is here today to talk to us about the effects of dirty electricity (via BGR). His special grounding pads remove the “ambient voltage” from your body. He uses words like “irrefutable” and “indisputable” to explain it all. He even shows you the voltage found in an iPad, and he talks about the dangers of your kids using it. Apparently that charge gives your kids ADHD, and other conditions. Yeah, he’s full of it.

He says that this is what we’re constantly exposed to. All that dirty electricity. Dear God, my room would make his head explode. Watch the video and learn how this jackass can use the Earth’s natural charge to bounce the bad energy off his body.

Sadly, we thought he was joking when we first started the video. Nope. He’s serious. He has a website. We won’t give him the honor of linking directly, but it’s linked on his YouTube video if you really must.

Wait…what’s that? A PlayStation 3?

Ps3 Dirty Electricity

That’s a big ol’ piece of Dirty Electricity right there sitting next to a Wii piece of Dirty Electricity.

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