[How To] Quickly Scroll To The Top Of A Page

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of “HOW TO iPAD”. For all those veteran iPad users who are new to this device, might need to keep a follow on these basic tips to keep a grip over your tablet.

If you’ve ever scrolled way down while reading an interesting article in the iPad’s Safari web browser or went way down while browsing through your Facebook News Feed and wish there was a quick way to jump straight back to the top of the page, well…actually there is.

Not one, but quite a few. While using the safari browser, you can simply tap on the status bar, where the title of the page is being displayed and you would be zoomed to the top in seconds. The second method to jump to the top is tap on the status bar, which is the thin bar at the top of the Safari page, which displays the current time.

Apart from Safari, “Jump To Top Feature” also works with built-in Mail, Notes, App Store and the Settings, as well as many 3rd party apps.

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