How To Securely Empty Trash in Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Trash Icon

There is an option for emptying trash in Mac OS X that can make sure you delete the saved files securely. It’s easy to set up, but there are a few things worth keeping in mind when using it.

You can access it by going to Finder > Preferences > Advanced

Check off Empty Trash Securely this is nice for getting rid of old stuff you don’t need if you want a little extra safety in ensuring it’s gone.

However, a word of warning.

Doing this will slow down the process of emptying out your trash, so you only want to use it when you need it. For instance maybe, if you have files with credit card info or a social security number or any other sensitive information. Otherwise, just emptying will do fine. But if you ever ask yourself why Trash takes so long to empty out, it’s probably because the setting is on.

OS X Lion Secure Empty Trash On


Turn it off by unchecking the box.

OS X Lion Secure Empty Trash_Off

Another way to save time when deleting or trashing items is to use shortcuts. To delete an item on the computer, just hit Command+Delete this will trash it. To empty the trash, hit Shift+Command+Delete


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