[How To] Setup Quick Screen Lock In iPad (with iOS 4.2)

Note: This post is strictly intended for only those, using iOS 4.2.

For those, using iOS 4.2 and probably happy with the greatest version of iOS might be a little annoyed at the disappearance of the hardware screen orientation lock. But be not sad about it, the good thing is, the feature still exists. For our regular readers we bring you a complete tutorial below, so follow the simple steps, to lock the screen orientation of your iPad in iOS 4.2.

Step 1:

Hold your iPad in the correct direction you’d like to lock it and then press the Home Button twice quickly, more like a double click to bring up the Task Switcher.

Step 2:

In the task switcher, at the the bottom of the screen, you’ll need to slide your finger over to the right to access a new screen hidden on the left with some playback, brightness, and volume controls as well as various buttons which will lock your screen orientation. Apple has certainly moved the screen lock mechanism but at least we’re happy that it exists. For now the hardware button acts as a mute button instead.

Step 3:

Tap on the orientation lock button to lock the current orientation in place.

Hit the home button to exit the Task Switcher menu.


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