[How To] Turn Off Autocorrect On An iPad and other Devices Running iOS

Probably one of the most annoying feature, specially for those who like typing in a slang way or prefer writing in short forms, such as typing a Skype message to a friend, “Whtz happenin bro?”. Your iOS device won’t tolerate this type of typo if the Auto-correct feature is turned “ON” and in return correct the mistake with a proper word.

On the other hand, this feature is surely helpful for those, who have a good speed on the QWERTY keyboard but sometimes have to pause due to a correction. Over an iOS device, this task is easily fulfilled by the intelligent tablet.

By default, the auto-correct feature is “ON” in an iPad. So for those looking to turn off the auto-correct feature, you need to do it manually. Below, we bring you a step-by-step guide to easily turn off the auto-correct feature on your iPad.

Step 1: 

On your iPad screen, tap the “Settings” tab

Step 2:

In the Settings Menu, click on “General”, located on the left pane and then on “Keyboard” at the right pane

Step 3:

After tapping on the “Keyboard”, the right pane would display the “Auto Correction” Feature

Step 4:

Turn the “Auto Correction” feature to OFF. Note: Upon disabling the AutoCorrect feature, “CHECK SPELLING” would automatically be disabled.

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