How to Update to the iOS 4.3.5

Apple’s mobile operating system, the iOS, is a constantly shifting piece of software that is never stagnant.  The iOS has gone through four major versions, and the iOS 5 is just about to come out and signal the newest incarnation of the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Beyond just the iOS 4 update, there are smaller updates that come periodically to bring features, fix bugs, and generally keep the software up to speed.  It is through these smaller updates that Apple is able to respond to the needs of users and then come through with changes that are needed.  Here is a look at how to download the iOS 4.3.5 update, and what features it will bring to the table.


Start out by plugging your iPhone, or whatever iOS device you are trying to update, into your computer.  The iOS 4.3.5 update should be initiated immediately, but if it is not or if you have canceled the update until a later date go ahead and go into iTunes and select the iPhone from under the Devices heading.  Once you are in the Summary tab, which is the opening option, go under the Version heading and hit the Update button.  Before you select it should list that there is a newer version available for your iPhone, which will be the iOS 4.3.5.


When you first hit the button a pop up menu will indicate that the update is going to be verified with Apple, and you should just continue by hitting the update button in the window.  A window will then come up indicating what devices are accepting the iOS 4.3.5 update, and hit the Next button.  Go ahead and hit Agree when the Software License Agreement comes up, and then the iOS 4.3.5 download will begin.  This will happen inside iTunes and you will be able to monitor its progress if you hit the Downloads option in the left hand panel at the bottom of the Store options.


Once it has finished it will begin processing the file and then extract the software.  It will connect to the iTunes Store to verify the iPhone data, all of which will be done automatically by iTunes and will not require any manual actions from the user.  It will then prepare the iPhone itself for updates as long as it has remained plugged in.   The iPhone will go black, show the Apple symbol, and then a progress bar will begin showing the iOS 4.3.5 software uploading to the device.  The iPhone will then restart, and once it has finished it will show up in iTunes and will include the iOS 4.3.5 software update in its complete form.


The iOS 4.3.5 download is only available for a certain section of the iOS community, and older models will be left out.  It will be available for only the iPhone 4 GSM model, and not the Verizon iPhone as they were on a different iOS release schedule.  It will then work for the iPhone 3Gs, but not the iPhone 3G and below.  It will work for both versions of the iPad that are available, but you will only be able to update the iPod Tough 4th Generation and 3rd Generation.  All other devices will be forced to maintain their previous operating system, and the iPod Nano runs on a completely different firmware altogether.


The iOS 4.3.5 features list is not a very complete one, though iOS updates that come to the third numerical point rarely are.  In this case, the lone iOS 4.3.5 feature is that of an update to the security tools.  The iOS has some vulnerability problems for its security and now requires a certificate validation, which will simply keep things from going off track.  It is not, however, an iOS 4.3.5 feature that you can manually access like some of the privacy settings.  Instead, it is an internal security feature that will only serve to further protect the constant Internet connectivity of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  This security feature is also an addition to all iDevices that the iOS 4.3.5 download is available for.  The next major additions of iOS features will likely be saved for the iOS 5 release.

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