How to Use Right-Clicking in Mac OS X Lion


Are you new to Mac OS X? It can feel very different at first. One of the biggest things that turns off users making the switch from a Windows system is that they may think that there is no right-click in Mac OS. Sure there is. Here’s how to use it.


Go to your System Preferences. The best way to do this is hit the Apple menu > System Preferences:

system preferences apple menu


Or go down to your Dock and click on the System Preferences icon, which looks like some gears against a greyish background.



Click on Mouse or Trackpad from the menu shown below




(we are using trackpad). Simply check off “Secondary Click” and you’re done:


Yes, we need to change the trackpad battery.


Bonus: With a trackpad, you can select how you want the secondary click to work:

click function

We like “Click or tap with two fingers” but some may like one of the other settings.


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