How to Use the iPhone User Guide on Your iPhone

The iPhone may be one of the most user-friendly smart phones on the market, but it still operates as a miniature computer and the controls and features are new to many people raised on desktops and conventional mobile phones.  To fill the gaps, Apple has put together comprehensive iPhone user guides that you can access from their website and then use to look up different elements of the phone, from making calls to dealing with storage space and battery life.  These different iPhone user guides are accessible Apple’s website on the web page, but this is not as easy when you are on the go and actually using your iPhone to check them.  For this you need a mobile iPhone guide that you can take with you, and Apple gives you the perfect option to do this by allowing you to take the user guides from the site and do what you want with them.

The first stage of this is to go to Apple’s support page at Support.Apple.Com/Manuals.  Here you can chosen, different manuals for different Apple products such as the iPad 2 User Guide, the iPod Nano User Guide, the iMac User Guide, and the iPhone User Guide.  When you select the iPhone one you will have the option to download the file as a PDF.  The best way to do this is to do it from your Home computer and allow the updated PDF file to download directly to your hard drive.  From here you will then open up your iTunes and the Finder window, locate the PDF that you downloaded, and then add it to the Books section of your iTunes Library.  This section is not just for files that you downloaded through iBooks or the iTunes Store, but also PDF files that you would like to read in iBooks.


Plug in your iPhone as if you were going to sync it and then cancel the sync.  Go over to the Devices heading in the left hand panel of iTunes and choose your iPhone.  Select the Books tab in between iTunes U and Photos, which will then give you the options to sync books and PDFs to your iPhone.  Make sure that the box next to Sync Books is checked, and then you can choose either All Books or Selected Books.

If you just choose Selected Books, then you can just go through and identify the iPhone user guide that you are trying to use and make sure it is selected.  One you have finished selecting that, and possibly other book and PDF files, then you can initiate the sync once again.


Once you have synced the file over you can go into your iPhone and open the iBooks app.  When here choose to see PDFs instead of Books, which will give you the library of PDF files that you have synced over or downloaded directly.  You will then find the iPhone User Guide available from this list, and it will be there in the mobile friendly form even if you do not have service or Internet connectivity.  It is a file that now exists on your iPhone and will continue to be accessible in iBooks unless you delete it, which you should do when Apple releases newer versions of the guide.

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