How to Use the iPhone Without a Computer

Going Solo

It is relatively uncommon in this day and age for someone to not have a home computer, especially if they have an iPhone, but it does happen. Most people have the luxury of updating their iPhone and downloading media and applications to their iPhone while it is plugged into their computer. Some users actually do not have this luxury and have to go it completely alone with their iPhone. This can cause certain problems and give particular limitations to your iPhone abilities. Here are some tips for iPhone who are going without a computer for home base.

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iPhone Wi-Fi

The first things you are going to have to recognize are the things that you cannot do with the 3G network. Many movie and application files will be too large to download through the 3G network. To remedy this you are going to have to connect to a Wi-Fi network and it will be important for faster internet speeds in general. Begin to make a list of major areas that have open Wi-Fi networks, such as universities, coffee shops and government buildings. When you need to use heavy bandwidth you can go to these locations.

iPhone Charging

You are not going to be able to charge your iPhone by plugging it into your computer so you will have to keep your charger with you. You will still be able to plug into other people’s computers to charge up, so you should continue to keep your connection chord that came with your new iPhone. You will still have to go out and buy an actual iPhone wall charger for your everyday use.

iPhone Update

You are still going to want to plug into an actual computer-based iTunes to download the iPhone firmware updates when you need. The best way to do this is just to log on to your iTunes’ account when you are at a computer. You will still have an iTunes and App Store account since you will still be using both of those features from your iPhone.

Log into this and then plug in your iPhone. Select it from the device list and then select Summary from the tabs in the center. Here you can check for updates and then download the correct update. Then just sync it like normal. It will be best if you uncheck any other aspect to be affected by the sync, such as media or contact settings. You can really do this from every computer and you do not need a home computer for it.

PC Free

When the full list of iOS 5 features was finally announced there was finally a new element called PC Free, that was perfectly designed for iPhone users that do not have a computer.  What this will allow for is for major updates to be done completely free of a computer, allowing people to actually go completely without a computer right from the time that you take it out of the box.  This will likely be the case in September, until then you should just hold off if you can suffer through the iOS 4.3 update withdrawals.

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