Interview with the guy who hacked Apple MacBook Battery


MacBook Battery Hacker Charlie Miller

Image Credit: CNN

This guy could remotely blow up your MacBook if he wanted to. No joke. Charlie Miller is a hacker who has discovered a way to use the MacBook’s internal battery software to shut it down and, yes, even blow up a laptop.

Of course his intent is a good one. He demonstrated the method at the Black Hat security conference in Vegas earlier this week. He was able to shut down the battery, but chose not to make the laptop explode, though he could have if he’d wanted to.

What’s his goal? He is an avid Mac user who wants Apple to be aware of flaws in their system. Basically, he discovered it so that the bad guys don’t.

You can read the interview at It’s interesting, and we think that an exploding battery is much more dangerous than any computer virus.

Interview here: CNN

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