iPad Cinema Tools: Tether Tools Meets Up With Wallee

The iPad has really come into its own simply for its mobility and use as a tool for video and photographic monitoring.  Because of its light weight and flexibility, it has the potential to allow the Director and other participants to have a portable monitor that does not just force them to stay in one place.  At the same time, it also is an inexpensive option that you can “tether” to the photographic devices physically so that you have a complete set up in a way that used to cost tens, to hundreds, of thousands of dollars.

Tether Tools out of Arizona has exactly this new consumer option as their business strategy.


The Wallee iPad Connect is a new option from the film and photographic equipment company Tether Tools that allows you to connect your iPad right to your camera, making it an instant monitor from your device.  This joint venture between Tether Tools and Wallee essentially acts as a case and mounting device for the iPad that allows it to attach to the camera device themselves.  Here you can then rotate the iPad, putting it into different positions to act as a monitor or other device.  Whether or not you want to use it as a teleprompter, do immediate edits, or just watch playback, you have a myriad of options that are really only getting more numerous as the possibilities of how the iPad can be used on set is only growing.


This is an especially nice option as many low budget filmmakers and Producers are shifting towards using DSLR cameras like the Canon ESO 5D Mark II rather than large scale cinema cameras.  This provides a more stable appearance and the ability to have some of the viewing options that you could get on a larger set up.


What is key about using the Wallee case is that it is set up to keep the iPad connected at all times without interfering with the camera itself.  This is also positioned so that the iPad can be digitally connected so that it can be integrated into the production workflow if wanted.

[via thewallee]

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