iPhone 5 Rumors Revisited: What We Know About the iPhone 5


iPhone 4 White

There are various rumors surrounding Apple’s next iPhone, likely to be called the iPhone 5. If anything, the name is a nice placeholder before any official name is announced. Rumors come and go, and some stick around, those are usually the ones we are more likely to count on. As new rumors come in, others are pushed aside or “debunked” (we use quotes because even those rumors are never proven).

Without further ado, here is your iPhone 5 rumor recap.


1) Curved front and back panels


iPhone 5 Clone (Rumored)
Credit: Giz-China

Rumors bounce back and fourth on the iPhone 5 design. Some say it will look just like the iPhone 4, others say that it will take on an all-new design. If these images of a supposed iPhone 5 clone–which was reportedly built in the same factory in China that the real iPhone 5 is being manufactured in–are at all accurate, it’s a strong hint as to what the real handset may look like. Again, these are just images said to be a counterfeit iPhone 5. Even if that’s the case, it’s likely to be closely based on the real device.  (Link)



2) Longer, Wider Handset 

iPhone 5 Rumored case Compare

iPhone 4 case next to supposed iPhone 5 case Image: 9to5Mac

It’s difficult to tell based on the above photo, but some cases, allegedly for the iPhone 5, have made their way to the internet. If they are at all real, they indicate a flatter, yet slightly larger handset. The size increase is minimal, according to the report. It’s likely enough to increase the screen size, but keep the handset similar in size to the previous models. As has been mentioned by an analyst before, it’ makes sense for Apple to keep their small form-factor. It’s a major plus to the iPhone’s overall design. (Link)


3) iPhone 5 Release Date Set for Early September

Another rumor points to the iPhone 5 coming in early September. This is the most likely scenario as we expect it to be announced very late in August or very early in September and possibly launch in the next week or two. We go back to the iPad 2 for this. It was announced March 2, 2011, and it hit stores March 11th, 2011. Nothing pleases eager consumers more than an announcement that comes just days before the release. In fact, a release date is normally the biggest surprise Apple can offer as many of the key features of an upcoming device are learned over time through the reports. (Link)


4) Not one, but two iPhones

iPhone 4S Rumored

Credit: Tinhte.vn

Another heavily-circulated rumor says that Apple plans to release some sort of cost-friendly iPhone. It will come without a contract, and still be priced for the budget-minded consumer. Rumors about this one have gone from it being the iPhone 3GS with an even lower off contract price to a handset similar to the iPhone 4, (to be called the iPhone 4S) but with internal components that allow it to be more cost-effective. (Link)


The Rumors Will Keep Coming

One thing to understand about Apple rumors is that they will keep coming. Because the company sticks to a yearly update schedule, and because we know their product lines, we all expect things. Rumor and speculation builds around those expectations, and sometimes it’s fulfilled. Some of the information is based on common sense, and some of it comes from undisclosed sources. Still, it’s all part of our favorite Apple rumor cycle.


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