iPhone Speakers of the Future: Emanuelle Cecini’s New Designs

Real design is making its way to the iWorld.


For most of the iPhone history, the associated docking stations and peripheral speakers have been somewhat of an eye sore.  Often clunky, low quality, easy to break, and nothing to look at, iPhone speakers have never done much for the décor or the sound quality.

This may change with Emanuele Cecini’s new iPhone stereo design, call Woozik.  The center console of these units has an iPhone docking location that props up the iPhone or iPad Touch will a wooden finish.  The tree piece design is sleek enough to grace a living room or kitchen, going with some of the retro design fashions that are permeating the 21st century homes of the young and hip.  This is a Wi-Fi stereo as well, which stands to be the futrue of even home audio.


The Manta takes the technology even further with a  futurist look and a touch screen, maintaining the white minimalism that the design patter is going for altogether.  This acts as a nice technological addition to any room and may be a good way to keep the base of the stereo content while the library remains mobile.  Now all you have to do is just plug in your phone and you’re ready to go.

Credit: Design Milk

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