iPhone Tips: How to Sync Contacts to iTunes for Backup

The iPhone has proven itself to be a place to define all your relationships in a way that a phone never could before.  Your iPhone Contacts List is defining for creating a concrete list of everyone you know and how to get ahold of them, drawing together traditional communication methods found on an iPhone and integrating a whole range of travel and Internet based formats.  Like all content on the iPhone, your Contacts will need to be synced over to your Home computer so that you have them saved for later use.  Here is a look at how to backup your Contacts from your iPhone to iTunes.


Syncing your iPhone’s Contacts over to your iTunes is easy because it is a standard content sync option, though not one of the more common ones that people tend to do.  To begin, plug your iPhone into your computer and then cancel the initial sync that will begin.  Go over to the left hand column and select your iPhone from under the Devices heading.  Once it is up in the main panel go to the Info tab, which is in between Summary and Apps.  Once here you will have three blocks of options, the top of which is for your Contacts.


Begin by checking the box next to Sync Address Book Contacts.  You have two options from here, to either select “All contacts,” or “Selected groups.”  The groups are only going to be applicable if you are already utilizing groups of Contacts on your phone, otherwise there will not be anything to select.


You will then have the option to sync over either your Yahoo! Or Google contacts over to your phone, centralizing what you have in your email account with your more general Contacts.  Since the iPhone Contacts list is not simply just a list of names and phone numbers, but complete contact lists with everything from addresses to email listings, you will want to have a complete list from all elements of your social network.  You then go down and just check the box for which ever email account is relevant to you: Yahoo! or Gmail.  When you do you will be asked to enter in your log in information for the email account, which will connect them.

If you are looking for how to backup Contacts from the iPhone to iTunes you will simply make the first point to sync the content between the two.  When you do a standard sync it will backup the Contacts to iTunes and they will be saved in case they are needed later on.  It will then be available in case there is an iPhone replacement or if there is a need to Restore the iPhone, such as in the case of corruption or damage.


If you are ready to return to your backup content, or simply want to go backwards to your last backup save, you can do this easily right from iTunes.  Right click your iPhone from under the Devices heading and hit the “Restore from Backup” option.  From there you will have a window pop up and you will be able to select the exact iPhone backup you want to go to based on the name that has been assigned to that iPhone.  When you choose you will restore the iPhone from that backup file, and this will include the Contacts that were synced over as long as you went through the previous step to sync them to your iTunes.

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