iPhoney Makers Are Moving On To iPad Clones

Fake iPads are all the rage these days

iPhoney makers are now moving into the iPad clone business, according to reports.

We all know that iPhones and iPads are born in China (and some will soon be born in Brazil), and we know that most counterfeit iPhones also come from China. However, it seems that that tablets like the iPad are next on the hit list for iPhoney makers.

These clones are increasing in sales, and eating into the sales of some legitimate products. Meanwhile, the report says that many of these pirates have a poor strategy. They end up launching internal price wars to become the cheapest clone. What happens eventually is that they can’t keep dropping and the real products start becoming more affordable. This has caused them to move on, as is detailed below:


Pirates Now Cloning iPad

The iPhone clone makers have begun moving to tablets for one major reason. Smartphones are dropping in price so much that it’s becoming easier for people to just purchase the real thing. Especially if you compare the internals, which are much lower-quality in the clones, as we read about this morning. This decreases lifespan of these fake phones. Some are even dangerous because of the cheap parts. As the genuine smartphones start becoming more affordable, it’s just easier and safer for potential buyers to purchase the legit product instead.

iPad Marketshare in China

The iPad is also seeing a huge marketshare in China, according to the report. They say that the Apple tablet makes up over 70 percent of the market. That said, it has dropped 5.14 percent in the second quarter of 2011. They say that this is partly because of real competitors in the tablet field, but the clone products have seen a significant increase in sales. It was found that 1.9 million of these knock-off devices were sold over Q1 2011, according to consulting firm DisplaySearch which is over three times what was sold Q4 2010.

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