Is This What the iPhone 5 Will Look Like?


iPhone 5 render 1

All Images: MacRumors

Supposed design documents for the iPhone 5 leaked out a while back. It was difficult to confirm the validity of those documents, but we’ve heard that it’s the design that case makers in China are going with. We’ve seen some of those cases, too, here and here.

In order to see what the iPhone 5 may actually look like, MacRumors had some design people at  CiccareseDesign to make realistic 3D renderings that would be as close as possible to what the actual handset may look like.

They came up with a  few images. It’s interesting to see what the device may look like, but strangely, it’s nothing like the rumored clones we saw a few weeks back or the image rumored to be a real iPhone 5.

Have a look at the images below:

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