iTunes 10.4 is Ready for iCloud

iTunes 10.4 iCloud

Here’s one we didn’t catch when we downloaded the new iTunes. You can enable iTunes 10.4 for automatic downloads of content purchased on other devices. This is all part of the grand plan for iCloud and the whole not having to plug your devices in every time you buy a new song. Yesterday, we also learned about the pricing structure for iCloud. Seems like iOS 5 is very close. Though we do wonder how close its launch will be to the release of the iPhone 5.

The option is under Preferences>Store.

Then, you check off Automatic Downloads for Music, Apps and Books (you can choose any combination of those three).

There is also “Always Check for Available Downloads” and “Automatically download pre-orders when available.”

iTunes 10.4 Automatic downloads

When you click “OK” and Turn on Automatic Downloads, you will have to enter your password. When done, you can purchase any of the previously selected items and it will automatically download to your computer. No having to plug in. YAY!

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