iTunes Match: It Doesn’t Actually Stream Music



A video that’s been recently making its way around the internet makes it appear as if Apple’s upcoming iTunes Match service (which you may have read about yesterday) will stream music from Apple servers to your device or computer.

Turns out that that’s not totally accurate. It’s actually a download. More specifically, it’s like a streaming download.

Here’s part of the report from All Things D:

An Apple spokesperson confirms that any music you want to access from your cloud-based “locker” will still need to be stored on your iPad, or iPhone, or whatever device you’re using to listen to the song.

This applies both to music you’ve purchased from Apple’s iTunes store, and, when Apple’s iTunes Match service starts up this fall, with music you’ve acquired some other way and then stored on Apple’s servers.

The aforementioned video of what looks like a music stream is actually a download that allows the user to listen at the same time.

According to All Things D, this may have more to do with legalities with licensing music than it does with Apple.

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