Just for Kids: Netflix Creates a Child Friendly Space

Netflix has just joined a common media practice with Just for Kids, a space just for them.


It is not essentially uncommon to have a “just for kids” section as part of your media service, whatever that service is.  The purpose here is to create a space where they do not have to come across items with possibly undesirable content or suggestions, and essentially create a commercial “safe space.”  This is really meant to give parents a sigh of relief and the ability to give their children freedom to navigate and make choices on their own.  Though the regular content area may only be a click away in the Netflix Just for Kids section, it is a brilliant way for Netflix to usher in a new line up of video consumers who are just making their way through this new media landscape.


In Netflix Just for Kids you are going to be able to pick from decided sub-categories just as you would in the regular Watch Instantly section, except the groupings are on a child’s logic instead.  This means that the top will grace you with a few notable faces to choose from for that moment in time, such as SpongeBob Square Pants or Jason Dolley.  Below that will be more conventional genres like Adventure, Animated, and Comedy, as well as branded sections such as Nickelodeon for shows that hail from that kids media conglomerate.  What this really provides is a large helping of selections for kids who are just trying to find something for them, all with a certain bar on development to keep things age appropriate.

The functionality of Netflix Just for Kids remains entirely the same, and is really just a space extension from their regular Watch Instantly line.  Users will still be able to select content, view it through the browser, access it via mobile OS tools like the iPhone and iPad, and create Instant Watch queues for the content.  It is not a separate service away from the rest of Netflix, so you will not have to head to a completely original location to find what you are looking for.  The searching functions remain consistent with the regular Netflix interaction, which really leaves Just for Kids as a way of browsing a specified sub-section of the entire Netflix library.


What this really will do is give children the ability to get acquainted with the Netflix interface, which is breeding a new customer base while it does so.  This is likely only the beginning as other streaming services will also jump on board, and they are already doing this for other audience breakdowns.  The difference is, however, that child audiences are actually restricted from certain types of content so it is important to give the appearance that their content is separate from the rest of the available library.  Netflix has done this nicely, but as their content grows they may branch off entirely and mix in things like games and other interactive elements as well.

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