Keyboard Folio: Laptop Quality Bluetooth iPad Keyboard

Here is the first step to transforming your iPad 2 into a laptop, minus the OSX


Belkin has just announced a brand new iPad 2 keyboard that runs through Bluetooth, now titled Keyboard Folio.  The design of this keyboard allows you to prop up your iPad 2 into the horizontal position and rest it in front of the keys themselves, just as if it was a two piece laptop.  What really separates this iPad keyboard from some of the other lot is that it really is designed to look and feel like the keyboard you would see on a notebook, instead of the almost make shift designs that companies have been releasing for the iPad.


With the Keyboard Folio you will be able to do real typing and content preparation in the growing number of real iPad applications, and just the ability to have an iPad keyboard of this magnitude may be enough to give some developers the gumption to create apps that will allow you to create original content instead of just view previously created items.  It include TruType trademarked keys that make it fairly easy to use, and the device stays live for sixty hours on a battery charge.  The device will not, however, work on the first generation iPad and its two sided design will position an iPad 2 well yet not allow it to be used for really anything else.  This is fine since it clocks in at only $99.99, which is a great price for a keyboard that maintains the accuracy of an actual computer.


The real choice as to whether or not you would purchase the Keyboard Folio is the type of work you use the iPad for.  The ability to transfer the iPad into a laptop format when needed is a great option, but it may not end up being important for much of the consumer market that has already fit the concept of owning both an iPad and a laptop into their technological world.

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