Mac OS X Lion: Some VNC Apps Not Properly Working (How to Fix)


Here at iSmashPhone we love iTeleport, we’ve written about it a bit before. For those who don’t know iTeleport is a VNC app. It allows users to remotely control their Mac from their iPad or iPhone. It’s very useful and it works quite well over our wifi network. However, come VNC apps like iTeleport seem to be having a problem with Lion on Macs with a dual-screen setup.

We’ve noticed that some VNC apps for iOS devices are having trouble recognizing mouse locations when you have a dual-screen setup with your second screen configured to the left of your main display (the main one being the one with the dock and the menubar.

There is a temporary fix. It may not be the best, but it works. If you configure your displays (we wrote about configuring your displays here) so that your secondary screen is now on the right and the main screen is on the left, it all seems to work. The only problem is that you will have to set things up around this again and will have to get re-accustomed to the way it works.

Let’s hope there is a bug fix soon.

Just to be clear, we tried this from Mac to Mac, and there were no issues regardless of screen setup. We tried it on Lion and on Snow Leopard with no problems.

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