McSweeney’s Goes Mobile With Their New iOS App

In the same vein as The New Yorker iPad app, McSweeney’s is coming in and bringing their content to the iOS.  The difference between the two is that they are really utilizing the multimedia capabilities of the iDevice platform.

McSweeney’s is best known for publishing a few different publications, such as the literature journal Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern and The Believer.  The web presence goes further with the funny McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and the DVD option Wholphin,  Against this they are a full scale publishing house with hundreds of titles under their belt, making them a major force in the print world.  It’s not surprising that they are jumping over to the iOS at this point.


The new McSweeney’s app boasts itself as really being built around a web content form with things like interviews, short films, and fun things, giving you options for all three iOS devices.  Like most publishing focused apps it has a financial component and costs $5.99 right up front, and beyond this you will get content as it is released for the first six months.  You have options for extended content as well as an e-book store for McSweeney books, which keeps much of their stuff internal.  Right now they are boasting a great deal of content from filmmakers like Miranda July, Judd Apatow, and Spike Jonze, which is shifting the McSweeney brand in a certain direction and will allow you to know if it is really right for your app needs.


The new version, 2.0, was just released in January and is really just built around the changes that have come with the iPhone and iPad.  This indicates that they intend to keep up as the technology changes, which is an important indication that they are going to stay with this and that this may be a good investment.  Within the app itself you see clean designs that are intended to focus just on content, which is going to continue to be important since the amount of text tends to be significant from their brand properties and their new focus on short films.

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