Meet Xiaomi — They Want to Run With the Big Dogs


Just a month or so before the launch of the iPhone 5 it looks like there’s finally a good contender for the iPhone 4, or is there?

The phone above is by a handset by Chinese start-up Xiaomi Corp. It’s reportedly faster and cheaper than the iPhone 4. Then again, the iPhone 4 is over a year old, so we’d expect it to be.

Still, these folks hope that their upcoming smartphone can compete with names like Apple and Nokia for a spot in the market.

The handset is getting some attention though. It’s loaded with a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor which the company’s CEO Lei Jun says makes it the fastest smartphone available. The handset has many of its own built-in applications, but runs on Google’s Android OS.

What’s more? This phone is going to be sold online, and it seems like those are their only plans. The Jun says that they want to target those online fans, likely those who tend to be ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s new and what’s hot.

It’s an interesting idea, but analysts don’t seem to think it will be a hit. Mostly because the distribution. Only a very small portion of the population will purchase the device if they target their online market. Smartphone makers such as Apple and devices carrying Android have already shown that there is definitely a more casual market of smartphone buyers as well. They do not necessarily include the techies, but there are many people who enjoy using the extra features found in smartphones.


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