Mobile Maker ZTE Ready to Take on Rivals in the US


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ZTE, China’s second-largest mobile device maker (and sixth largest in the world), is taking aim at rivals like HTC and Samsung in the US. According to ChinaDaily USA, ZTE believes that they will surpass their 80 million unit shipping target for 2011.

According to reports, they have reached 35 million units shipped for the first half of the year. 5 Million of those were smartphones. Currently, they hope to ship 12 million Android phones throughout the rest of the year.

It seems that some of this may also be possible as they plan to ship low-end smartphones as well as their higher end products. The low end products are no doubt designed to help push smartphones to users who may otherwise purchase feature phones.

It’s widely reported that that ZTE currently stands sixth behind Nokia, Samsung, LG, Apple and RIM.

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