More Supposed iPhone 5 Parts Make it Into the Wild

 iPhone 4 White

Above: The White iPhone 4 filling in for the currently unavailable iPhone 5.


More rumored iPhone 5 parts are making around the interwebs. Website MacRumors found a few components that definitely look to be new, and because they look unlike the parts in the current iPhone models, it’s possible that they are in fact from the iPhone 5.

The parts were found through iPhone supplier TVC Mail, and they claim that they are for the upcoming iPhone. Included are a battery, a rear-facing camera and the audio jack flex cable (Comparison Shots Courtesy MacRumors)



iPhone 5 Battery Compare


iPhone 5 camera compare

Audio jack Flex cable

iphone 5 audio jack flex cable

These aren’t the first rumored iPhone 5 parts we see. There’s plenty more where that came from:

iPhone 5 Parts Leaked

More iPhone Parts: Front Panel


And Lots of rumors compiled into roundups:

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