myTrek Brings Bluetooth Heart Monitoring to the iPhone

The iPhone has become a center for fitness apps because of its ability to draw in outside technological tools and to utilize planning features.  The new myTrek app works to monitor your workout as it is happening, utilizing a Bluetooth connection to a pulse monitor that then feeds information back to the app when it is in use.  Along with the app you use an arm band that is enable for Bluetooth and the information then comes in during real time.

Bluetooth Heart Monitor

Along with the heart rate data, which acts as it primary feature, it will then calculate the number calories you have burned as it is happening.  This is all positioned against different training zones based on your heart rate, such as the Weight Loss Zone or romance Zone, and you can use that to stay in the area that you want to focus on based on your fitness goals.  The more implicit elements are there such as the time and distance for your workout, but it is all based around cardio that is assumed to be “trek” based runs or jogs.  You workout can then be measured using a graph system that lets you look at what you have completed and where you need to go.


Thankfully it allows you to plug into your iPhone’s music catalogue while it is operating, but since it is relatively simple in function this is to be expected.  Over all myTrek is a nice option, if the Wireless Pulse Monitor was not $129.99.  The app itself runs nicely, but few people are going to find its features significant enough to drop this amount of money on an iPhone peripheral that is specific to one app.  It is not that the design is flawed or that it lacks usefulness, but that most people could likely handle their workout with a more simple app for free.

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