Netflix Adds Facebook Sharing to iPad and iPhone App (Sort of?)


Netflix Facebook Sharing

We’re still taking a look at how exactly this one works, but it looks as if Netflix has added a Facebook sharing (or non-sharing?) option to their apps. The applications now have the Facebook icon on the top-right corner.

We’ve been checking it out. We didn’t update the app, the icon just showed up. We’re not seeing a button that allows us to share, rather the button shown above turns OFF Facebook sharing. You know, in case you are watching Showgirls and don’t want your friends to know.

What’s unclear is whether this was meant to happen or if there is some kind of error. We read last month (via LA Times) that such integration would be available in Latin America and Canada, because of some silly law from 1988 called the The Video Privacy Protection Act. Basically, it doesn’t let companies share people’s video rental information. You know, in case you are ashamed of that kind of thing. (My girlfriend likes stuff like Mamma Mia!, so I can’t have friends seeing that on my playlist).

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