Rumor: New iPhone 5 Parts Surface

 Supposed iPhone 5 Parts

Above, is a supposed iPhone 5 component said to be from a reseller, next to it (right) is an iPhone 4 part.

The iPhone 5 announcement date is likely to come within the next month or two. Speculation has been building since last year, and supposed parts have been surfacing over the last few months. Over the last week or two, an alleged iPhone 5 clone appeared on the internet, and just yesterday we saw images of what is said to be an iPhone 5. Needless to say, people are getting excited.

Will the iPhone 5 be anything like the images we keep seeing?

According to website MacRumors, who went to iFixit to get a better understanding of the differences between components said that the same iPhone 4 part (right) has a power button, noise canceling mic and the proximity sensor. The new part doesn’t have the microphone. However, it’s also noted that the CDMA iPhone 4 does have components that differ from the GSM model. Still, these are said to be new parts.

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