New iPhone Suction Accessory Needs Finance to Get Off The Ground

Kickstarter has begun to really stand out as a way for people’s projects to appeal to the public and get their start, even if it is just an iPhone peripheral.


Orbit is a new tool that is trying to get off the ground using the Kickstarter donation format, and it has a unique set of principles to its design.  The idea really comes around the need to place the iPhone suspended against a surface, and Orbit uses a suction cup design and the freedom to combine with other support mechanisms to achieve this.

The actual way that Orbit would play out is up to you and the way you employ your phone.  It can be positioned right up against the windshield with a simple dual suction cup set up, one against the glass and one against the phone.  This would allow you to use GPS navigation apps without clumsily going to your pocket and making you at risk for a ticket.


The Orbit suction cup as a threaded insert that allows you to then plug it into another device, like a tripod or some form of suspension, making it easy to integrate the system into a different type of technological set up such as in conjunction with an active camera.


The Kickstarter page for Orbitz lists a number of different users for it such as removing the back suction cup and allowing it to be a stand for your iPhone or attaching it to an opposable arm to set it up just about anywhere.  The reality is that this is a great design that comes in a very small package, as long as you will be able to find the right elements to integrate it into.  Since it just attaches with suction to the iPhone you can take it off and on without a problem or any real wear and tear on the device.  It is not clear how well this will work with iPhone cases, but since it is not even released for the market it is hard to say how well it works in most conditions period.


Right now they are trying to acquire donations, all with rewards for the donors, so that they can deal with the injection mold for the polymer and the design for the suction cups.  This is not a cheap prospect and their Kickstarter plan is attempting to raise $25,000, which they are no where near at this point.


Take a Look at Their Kickstarter Page and Decide if You Want to Back the Project

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