New Minty Boost Kit Lets You Charge an iPhone With AA Batteries

iPhone hack addicts may have found a new way to charge the iPhone.  This time with an Altoids tin.


A knew kit from Minty Boost will help you create a portable battery pack for the iPhone that you can use to charge the battery without a viable outlet.  The cut and dry of this is that two batteries are arranged in a small metal container that is then rigged to handle the iPhone’s USB chord to plug right in.  Then the power can be transferred over to the phone, converting conventional AA batteries into the fuel it needs to keep chugging along.


The kit itself comes unassembled as is assumingly easy to put together as it is labeled specifically for beginners who are not exactly electrical engineers.  The small kit goes beyond just the iPhone and it has been stated that it will work on the iPod Touch, PSP, and Nintendo DS.  This may, however, leave out the iPhone 3Gs as it has the most trouble with charging and it may have problems functioning normally, yet this is not a hard and fast rule.


You have to begin with the raw parts themselves: the iPhone, the chord, the tin, and the batteries.  The kit acts like a model box, allowing you to then convert these into a strange working order that allows for disposable batteries to then become your power source.   For less than twenty dollars this is a fun activity for iPhone owners who want to bring something camping with them, and may actually be one of the first steps towards the users themselves attacking planned obsolescence.

[via BoingBoing]

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