NG911: Updates to 911 Emergency to Include Text Messages

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911 is getting a facelift.  Finally.


911, the emergency call line that most people have grown up with, is now thinking about employing a text message system.  This system would allow you to make 911 reports and requests by sending over a text message, and the change may even allow video and photo attachments.

Julius Genachowski has expressed the desire, the chairperson of the Federal Communications Commission, who has stated that since the technology exists it should be used.  Beyond just the text allowance it would update the tools it uses for location tracking, which is crucial when people cannot complete a long phone call in an emergency situation.  Many types of phone service have trouble making the connection to 911, and since there is usually a separate function for emergency calls it has the possibility of failing when seconds are crucial.


This new plan is being called Next Generation 911, and NG911 should begin to be implemented next month with a whole new rulebook.  This is not going to be an easy task because it requires a change in the hardware and equipment at the nation wide call centers that handle the emergency line.  The only question is that with smartphone and mobile technology changing so rapidly, will

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