No Growing Pains Thanks to Our New Host – WP Engine (Coupon)

Site Speeds

As many of you longtime readers may know, we recently made the switch to WordPress. iSmashPhone was originally a Typepad blog. As we grew over time, we decided we should look for more customizability. That’s when we decided to make the jump to WordPress.

That led to a bunch of new issues. We had to figure out how to safely transfer years worth of posts and images to WordPress, and more. So far, the payoff has been great. We’ve been linked by sites like CNET, Gizmodo, TechCrucnh, MacWorld and more.

Site Speeds before change

Before the change

Luckily, we found a pretty awesome host that specializes in WordPress sites, WP Engine. After lots of research, they seemed like the best choice, and we’re happy to say that things have gone well. Site speeds have increased (as you can see from the images) and things are going much more smoothly than we’d anticipated (always prepare for the worst, we say).

Looking back at the first graph (top) you will see stats. Our crawling time has gone down, meanwhile the number of crawled pages is up. Kilobytes downloaded per day is also down, which are all good indicators of site speed. It’s much faster than in the past.

Check it out here: WP Engine. They normally offer a 15-day trial, but you can hit the link and enter coupon code ‘ismashphone’ for a free 45-day trial instead (More info).

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