Now We Have Mobile Security and Antivirus From McAfee

Here’s some news for Android fans. Sprint and McAfee has have announced a plan to partner up and provide Sprint subscribers with McAfee Mobile Security and McAfee Family Protection Android Edition.

It seems the poo has hit the fan as we now apparently need antivirus and security protection on our mobile devices. This isn’t exactly a great thing. Most anti-virus software just feels like it hogs resources and doesn’t do much else other than annoy you with update notifications and cost you extra money.

It’s never nice to have extra crapware loaded into your phone or computer when you first purchase it. The responsibility lies in the maker of the operating system to plug security holes.

Here’s the press release:

Sprint and McAfee Offer Customers Mobile Security Applications to Help Protect Information on Their Wireless Devices

McAfee Mobile Security Technology Provides Malware Protection, Device Recovery and Backup

Application Readily Available to Customers in Sprint Zone

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. & SANTA CLARA, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE), August 10, 2011 – Sprint (NYSE: S) and McAfee announced today that they are providing Sprint customers easy access to McAfee® Mobile Security and McAfee®Family Protection Android™ Edition software, which will better help them protect the important information stored on their mobile devices.

As the use of smartphones and tablets continues to grow, Sprint is actively working with developers, manufacturers and leaders in the industry to provide solutions that can help protect customers’ information and their devices. McAfee Mobile Security can help Sprint customers protect the important information stored on these devices from loss, theft and viruses. In addition, McAfee Family Protection Android Edition provides parents an application that will allow them to filter inappropriate websites on their child’s mobile device.

Sprint customers using select Android-powered devices can easily download the McAfee Mobile Security and McAfee Family Protection Android Edition applications from the Android Market™ by clicking on McAfee within Sprint Zone or the Sprint Tab in the Android Market. Customers can find Sprint Zone as an icon on their device1.

The McAfee Mobile Security software is available as a seven-day trial and can be purchased as a 12-month subscription for $29.99. The McAfee Family Protection Android Edition is available as a 30-day trial and can be purchased as a 12-month subscription for $19.99.

“Sprint takes mobile security very seriously, and we are working to provide tools for our customers that can help protect their devices from viruses and give them the ability to lock or wipe data from their device remotely if it becomes lost or stolen,” said Fared Adib, senior vice president-Product, Sprint. “McAfee is recognized as a leader in this space, and we are pleased to be working with them and to feature the McAfee Mobile Security software in Sprint Zone.”

McAfee Mobile Security – provides a comprehensive mobile security solution for smartphones and tablets. With McAfee Mobile Security, consumers can now access the following features and functionality in a single download:

  • Locate and track a lost or stolen mobile device via the McAfee online Web portal, even if the SIM card is replaced
  • Back up important contacts, photos and videos from a mobile device or remotely via the Web
  • Access personal data online from virtually anywhere. Restore data, even to a new device
  • Remotely lock the mobile device to protect against misuse, such as excessive phone charges
  • Remotely wipe personal data from a lost or stolen device via the McAfee Web portal, mobile Web portal or via a SMS message from a buddy device
  • Set an audible alarm to help find the device, disrupt a thief, and/or set a pop-up notification with instructions for returning the device
  • 24/7 real-time anti-malware protection against viruses, worms and spyware, Trojan horses and battery-sapping malware
  • Safely browse and search the Web with protection from malicious websites, phishing, identity theft and credit card fraud

McAfee Family Protection Android Edition – helps protect children of all ages from exposure to inappropriate website content while enabling them to freely explore their online interests. Features include:

  • Web filtering for Internet, empowering parents to choose categories such as drugs, pornography and weapons, to filter or add specific websites to access or block
  • Works with the default browser on the mobile device and is designed to block other browsers from running and bypassing the technology
  • An uninstall protection feature helps to prevent kids from deleting the application on their mobile device

“By providing McAfee Mobile Security, Sprint can provide security safeguards for their customers in the event of loss or theft, protection against the growing threat of viruses and spyware targeting mobile devices and protection from Web-based threats,” said Todd Gebhart, co-president, McAfee. “With McAfee Family Protection Android Edition, parents can add a layer of protection for their children who are using their smartphones to explore the Web.”


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