Okay. This Angry Birds Thing Has Gone Too Far (Video)


The Angry Birds and those little green piggies have taken over the world. They have the regular stuff: the game, a bit of merchandise (like plushies) and most of the other stuff you expect. How about mooncake? Yup, Angry Birds mooncake is a the rage in China right now. We’ve never had it , but it actually looks kinda delish.

In all seriousness, we don’t mind it all that much. Angry Birds is an okay game in our opinion, but this somewhat brings us back to the days when we’d sleep in our Mario-themed bedsheets, eat Nintendo cereal and to to school with our Mario/Zelda-themed lunchbox. Man, those were the days.

All that’s missing is a hit cartoon show and breakfast cereal.

By the way, we have a few Angry Birds walkthrough videos linked up down here:



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