“OLO” – A Two-Player Game For Touch Devices


On my first thought, I linked it to be just a normal multi-player game whereas it should definitely be termed as a two-player game, full of skill and strategy, as quoted by the developer. This free game was strategically developed for touch devices for finger-flicking fun. OLO can be played either straight from the browser or offline and to top it all, in full screen mode with no internet required.

A London-based interactive design studio, Sennep, committed to playful design and new technologies, developed OLO with love. Although the game has been termed as an experiment, it seems to be gaining a rather early popular vote. For now the game works perfectly over the iPad and the iPhone but soon to be made compatible with other touch devices.

Playing OLO

For a start, the main aim of the game is to flick the most OLOs from your home into your target zone which eventually adds up to points. OLOs are basically simple game pieces with each player being awarded with 6 in the start. OLOs are represented in 3 different sizes with bigger ones having more strength over small ones. The row of small dots below your screen represent your remaining OLOs.


Be careful of your OLO as if it ends up or pushes the opponents OLO inside the Home Territory, it eventually adds up a single point to your score. Tap in the center on line to reveal the score at anytime of the game.

OLO Score

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