Photovine Brings Defines Photo Strings as a Social Network

Photos are a social network’s best friend.


The iPhone, as well as other smart phones such as those on the Android OS, have been the excuse needed for a slew of new social networking services that seek to create ways of connecting people together.  Now that the iPhone social networking apps are so perfectly integrated into your mobile use, it seems that they are becoming a standard way that people communicate.  The mobility of them now allows for people to create these networks away from their computers and therefore integrate them into their lives even more fully.  Photos have become a central part of this, and the iPhone’s Camera gives social networking a huge boost with the constant access to a digital camera and instant upload capabilities for users.  Photovine for the iPhone plays into this new social networking paradigm perfectly and its simple nature will likely make it a lot of fun, but not the same level of addition that comes with Facebook or Twitter.

Photovine essentially lets people create strings of photos that their friends can participate in.  You start by posting a picture with a phrase that describes it for you.  People then contribute photos that also match that caption, and you can do the same to their vines.  The final result is undetermined as people latch on, extending the vine across your social network.  This creates large-scale strings of photos that lots of people can contribute to, and really plays into the social networking obsession of browsing through endless strings of marginally connected images.


Photovine will also bring in some of the most standard social networking features that people have become accustomed to from other services.  You can “follow” users in the same way that you would on Twitter or Tumblr, as well as Like things.  You can also create strings of comments on images, because everyone has something to say about a simple picture.  After a while you create the same kind of network that you would on all the other services, yet it is really just specified to photos that you connect with others.


The reality is that Photovine is really just built on a quick and easy feature that could be replicated in other social networking sites, but as Twitter proves it is not always the diversity of features that users want but instead the ease at which they can employ them.  Photovine’s iPhone app is easy to work with an matches the simple tools well, making it a fun thing to check from your touch screen now and again.  Just don’t expect it to really connect you with anyone, unless you both love pictures of chimps.

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