Plug In, Zone Out, Die! English Tabloid Warns Of “iPod Zombies”

The following comes from British full-color tabloid newspaper The Daily Star, so take with the usual football-sized grain of salt, but…

According to the UK’s Automobile Association, people are so wrapped up with their media players and smartphones that they’re getting hurt, or even killed, at a rate of 17 incidents per day.  A particularly tragic example listed was 18-year-old jogger Matthew Leonard, who was so wrapped up in listening to his iPod while crossing train tracks in West Sussex that he was struck and killed by an oncoming train.

The article quotes the AA as claiming that people fall into a “zombie-like” state while listening to MP3’s, texting, checking email, or social networking, adding “Our brains can’t always concentrate on so many things at once.”

(If this is too depressing, the rest of the paper will tell you about the ex-WWE diva who’s shacking up with George Clooney and Amy Winehouse’s alleged pre-demise drug hunt, as well as the traditional cheesecake photos of “dolly birds” in bikinis, lingerie, or even less.)


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