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We’ve tried a few services. We checked out The Daily, we’ve checked out the New York Times. Each offers something. The Daily offers news analysis at an affordable price ($1 a week), but it’s still struggling to find itself. Never mind everything going down with New Corp. The New York Times is one of our favorite newspapers, but having it on your tablet runs you $20 a month, and having access to it on all your devices (tablet, smartphone, computer) runs you $35 a month. It’s only one newspaper, and those costs add up after a year.

Over the last week, we’ve been checking out PressDisplay. PressDisplay is a service by Newspaperdirect. They specialize in offering newspapers from around the world. According to Wikipedia, they have agreements with over 1,400 newspaper and magazine publishers throughout the world throughout 87 countries. We aren’t about to count that number, but we can tell you that there is a lot of content to read, and yes it does come from newspapers all around the world.

A personal account costs you $29.95 a month. You can check out some back issues and have some content auto download. It also offers monitoring alerts, so you can easily follow a story. Those are little things that matter to many readers. $35 a month. That’s five bucks less than the New York Times for access on the same devices, and it’s several newspapers all within easy access. You simply use a login and can access your newspapers from your tablet or mobile device thanks to the the PressReader app.

We also tried the voiceover reading, and we are impressed. This is something that readers with difficulty seeing will appreciate. Then again, our vision is okay and it’s nice to have the voiceover reading on for while we are working on something and can’t be looking directly at the text. This happens more often than you’d think.



We weren’t quite sure what to make of all the content at the start. Would it be too many newspapers to read over? The answer is no. We’ve found that though there is a lot of content, one of the best ways to use it (aside from reading your favorite papers) is to have it track things you are interested in. This will bring you content from the various newspapers, but about the subject matter you like, some of it is interesting stuff that doesn’t get picked up by the bigger newspapers.

This is also the app for those who miss the feel and layout of a traditional newspaper. It’s for the demographic that likes traditional fact-gathering and reporting. If you enjoy reading the newspaper, you should definitely check out this service.

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