Retro Accessories For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Retro iPod Dock Juke Style

Ever heard of Retro Accessories for iDevices? Lets start from the scratch, for those who ain’t familiar with the word “Retro”. The word actually refers to an outdated or aged style, trend or fashion, basically belonging to an outdated past, which has now functionally become a norm once again.

So you might be now on track as to what we are about to deliver for you readers. We bring you one of the best Retro Accessories for the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad, with both blending with each other perfectly.

We start with one of the oldest and most demanded old-age fun box known as the Juke Box. Tagged as iJuke, the accessory works perfectly with your iPhone or the iPod when connected with the universal dock connector. Whereas the accessory might deliver on sound, it certainly lacks any interesting functionality. Moreover, the iJuke comes with an auxiliary line-in to support other source of audio as well as speaker outputs.  It also includes a remote for controlling sound and tracks which is surely a nice addition. iJuke also features flashing lights and details of the track being played which would surely make the kids happy. Available online at an attractive price of $200.

Next we have a Retro iPod Dock by Peter Verrando, the Philco Dynamic Tester iPod Dock. The iPod Dock was designed using a Philco Dynamic Tester from 1946 which used to sport a small amplifier and speaker used to fix audio equipments. The small cabinet sports a 10 watt amplifier as well as a Blaupunkt coaxial loudspeaker while also featuring a side panel with controls of bass and treble, plus two 1/4 inch jack inputs.

Retro iPod Philco Dock

Frog Creative Director Jonas Damon has transformed a fruit crate into a retro iPad charging dock. He basically built the crazy retro accessory for himself which takes the style from 1970’s era television. The design competes perfectly with the Sony VEGA, originally introduced a few years back. The iPad with the crate box fills in as perfect TV viewing specially for the kids.

Retro iPad TV Dock
Here’s another useful act for the iPad users. Jack Zylkin successfully transformed an old typewriter into a useful add-on for iPad users. Just place your iPad in place of the paper roller and easily connect your device using the USB connector to make use of both. Your iPad delivers a large screen display, whereas your old typewriter is used to deliver a larger keyboard.

Retro iPad Keyboard Dock

Surely one of the best use of a Rotary dial phone. These type of phones are now surely reduced to just being antique pieces or lay around in trash cans, buried. What we have for you here is an iPod dock with built-in speakers in the handset as well as at the sides of the phone, made out of a Rotary dial phone. It also features a volume and power button in place of the rotary dial to keep the control in your hands. Simply place your iPod or iPhone in the dock provided and get ready to enjoy quality music.

Retro Rotary iPod Dock

Even though, you might be not to happy to see the iPhone accessory below, we still wanted to cover this as it linked to very old style handset used in the early days (just to bring the old memories back). While your iPhone is smartly placed in the dock, the Retro iPhone accessory either delivers an example of a satellite phone or might link you to people at secret services. Perfect for travelling, specially when driving on long routes.

Retro iPhoneAaah…The old days are back. If you are looking for a dock for your iPhone, than this retro-style is the perfect one to bring your 80’s style back on your desk. Tagged as Phone X, the iPhone accessory has been designed by a Japanese firm which wants to keep the old style of calling glued to this era. Available in various colors, such as blue, yellow, pink and black, Phone X is available at an attractive price of $24.

Phone X

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