Rogers Launches Their Home Security Service

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Today Rogers, Canada’s largest communications provider,  announced that they have launched a home security service. The service is provided for home owners who want to be able to connect to their home remotely. Wonderful, now telco providers are protecting our homes, too.

What Is It?

Rogers’ service includes a handful of things. Users can control their thermostat, lights and other appliances by using their computer or a smartphone. So if they want to turn on specific lights at night, they do so by accessing its controls on their device. All of these features are powered by Rogers cable and Rogers wireless networks, according to the press release.


Do I want My Internet and Cellular Provider Handling My Home Security?

Maybe for Rogers, but we don’t know how many trust a telecom provider with home security. They say they have security experts, but seriously, we can barely trust our internet provider to give us a stable connection or reliable phone line (Looking at you, Time Warner!). Good luck with the safety of our home. We just hope their security experts answer calls faster than their customer service reps do.


How Will it Do?

It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s worth noting that companies in the States have tried doing similar things. Time Warner launched their IntelligentHome home management system, and it hasn’t quite taken off yet. Then again, down at iSmashPhone South we can barely trust them to give us a reliable phone line, we’re not sure we’d count on them for home security.


What Now?

As more companies start trying to be all encompassing, we will see things like this. Perhaps some will find success, but others will probably just end up killing it off eventually. We’ll see for sure in the coming years.






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