Rumor: Apple Carrier Testing 4G LTE iPhone


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Image credit: Boy Genius Report

It’s already been said time and time again that Apple won’t be jumping on the 4G bandwagon this year with the iPhone 5. The problem? Battery life on a 4G-capable phone is not up to their standards. On top of that, many places don’t even have 4G in their area, so they just don’t see it as a worthy investment yet. Now that doesn’t mean they aren’t testing things out for the iPhone 6, or whatever they release next year.

According to one rumor, Apple has been testing 4G LTE-capable phones with carrier partners. This was discovered by website Boy Genius Report (BGR). They looked at an internal test build of iOS from a carrier partner and found that LTE capability is being tested right now. They also note that deep within the firmware is a property list (.plist) file for LTE.

[Via BGR]

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