Rumor: This is the iPhone 5 Design


iPhone 5 Clone (Rumored)

All Images from Giz-China

Don’t get too excited. This isn’t confirmed. Also, even if real, this is not an iPhone 5. It’s a clone. Either way, if it’s a clone, it’s supposedly follows the real iPhone 5’s design very closely. Check out some more pics after the jump.

If the reports are real, this is made in the exact same factory in Shenzhen, China as the real iPhone 5. Again, we cannot confirm any of that, but it is a convincing design.

You may remember some of the cases we saw a few days ago as well (here and here). According to the reports, it’s somewhat like the iPhone 4 design, but with curved front and back panels. It’s also said to be 7mm thin (.275 inches).

Well, hopefully we will know in September.

[Via Giz-China]

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